Maarten Thissen

Trainer / Facilitator

Maarten Thissen

Djehoty is Maarten Thissen


I design and deliver training programs for influencing in organisations, leadership and personal development. Specialised in coaching teams of highly skilled professionals with inspiring training and empowering facilitation.


I am a networker and strong facilitator with a passion for people. Creative brainstormer and teambuilder. Effective communication and organization skills combined with a friendly and approachable personality. Highly disciplined and committed to quality customer service.


The main theme throughout my career is technology design and it's implementation in every day life. As a trainer/consultant I have designed and delivered learning and training programs around issues as full customer satisfaction, entrepreneurship and management development.


Specialties: Program design, developer and facilitator of various large group interventions

Appreciative Inquiry, Future Search, Open Space, Influencing

What people say about Maarten Thissen


"Maarten is good at managing professionals (and especially designers) because he doesn't micromanage, encourages taking initiative and because he 'protects' his team from part of the bureaucratic bullshit that is an unavoidable part of university life. If you have a convincing plan he will back you up. We always had an open relationship, where I wasn't afraid to be honest. Thanks for the part of the journey that we travelled together, especially the rocky road of building IDE following our vision while having to deal with all practical realities. Respect!"

Meggie Williams-Schreurs

Lecturer Industrial Design Engineering/Open Innovator at The Haagse Hogeschool



"Maarten is a person that is genuinely interested in people. He is able to be independent and critical and at the same time makes you feel valuable and trusted. His work is well prepared and he creates cooperation between people."

Tjeerd Bartlema

Organisatie, leiderschap, persoonlijke ontwikkeling



"As a senior colleague Maarten is a great coach. Always available to make suggestions for improval, whether it concerns personal or business improvements. He is a great resource for new trends in technology and refreshing ideas. Super problem fixer and nice to talk to."

Mireille Van Hilten

Owner & Yoga Life Coach at JadÓrLife and ICT Teacher



"Great guy! I know Maarten as a colleague and a personal friend. He is a passionate trainer, he loves to work with groups, he enjoys teaching/training and people like just him. He has charisma and a great sense of humor."

Deborah van Voorst

Academy Trainer at Planon



"I had the great pleasure to know Maarten as a colleague at Syntegra. At that time he developed management training programs. Maarten always kept trying to make those courses as personal as possible. As a trainer he was/is very considerate to his students."

Ingrid Schouten

Key Accountmanager at Fast Lane en i-share - Cisco, NetApp, VMware training & consultancy.

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