appreciative leadership



Appreciative leadership is a modern vision on leadership practices, based on Appreciative Inquiry. Appreciative leaders share the belief that cooperation is more important than being authoritarian and that the succes of any organisation is based on the strength of everybody involved. They work with genuine curiosity, inquiry and dialogue.


Appreciative Leadership is the relational capacity to mobilize creative potential and turn it into positive power—to set in motion positive ripples of confidence, energy, enthusiasm, and performance—to make a positive difference in the world.

Embedded in this definition are four formative ideas that give meaning to Appreciative Leadership:

  • It involves relational processes and practices through which people come together and make things happen collaboratively.
  • It is a positive worldview, based on the belief that every person, team and organization has positive potential.
  • It recognizes potential and seeks to turn it into positive power; that is life-affirming results.
  • It creates waves of positive change rippling outward.

Together, these four ideals represent a paradigm shift in leadership; a clear movement away from habitual, traditional and individualistic command and control practices, toward a new normal that can help you get the results you want. The premise of Appreciative Leadership is simple, yet profound. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong in the workplace, learn about and build upon what works.

(taken from corporation for positive change)


For his PhD-project 'The Soul of the Appreciative Leader' Joep C. de Jong interviews leaders in The Netherlands and abroad about their view on leadership. This has resulted the publication of a range of beautiful short movies on his vimeo-channel. On this page you can watch a few of these inspiring portraits.


Do you want to know more about Appreciative Inquiry? Visit the European Community of practitioners. You can find a lot of (free) materials on the appreciative inquiry commons website. Curious about our Appreciative Inquiry FieldLab? Check the data!

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